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Broader version of this text entitled «New Planetary Slaughterhouse in 2011-2012» was published in Nedeljni Telegraf daily on June 22. The article explains the prediction I made in 1998 about great danger of a Great War followed by the use of terrifying weapons humankind is soon about to face. Serious warnings are general geopolitical events (new alliances, new unions-public and secret ones ) in the modern world, development of new weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying large numbers of people without adverse effects on environment (various types of radiation and the like), awareness of limited natural resources on the planet Earth which resulted in the thought conceived in «some people» that the Earth can host only 1 billion people (making thus 5 billion a surplus) along with the frightening fact that more than 70 percent of people have become «trained» to take as «truth» everything the media in their countries serve on a platter. The text also contains the astrological scheme of planetary position in the horoscopes of future world leaders who will expose the entire humankind to the serious risk of war.


World War 3

Ten planets of the Solar system largely influence destiny of human race: the Sun, the Moon (due to its large influence on people, in astrology the Moon is perceived as a planet), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Mars provokes aggression, rage and anger in people making them prone to attacking others, getting into fights and produce and use weapons. Hence, Mars, the ruler of Aries, symbolizes war and warfare.
It was calculated that ever since the humankind appeared on the planet Earth, some 150.000 wars have been waged. People who lived 5000 years ago, modern people, and people of the future are no different: as long as the planet Mars exerts its influence from the skies wars will be waged – the only thing that will change in the process are weapons.
Therefore, war is a history, present and future of mankind.


Age of Aquarius


Ever since the planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was discovered in 1781, the entire mankind (subconsciously) started to live in accordance with the symbolic of Aquarius.

In astrology, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, rules the brain, little gray cells, and human intellect. Thus, an increasing number of people started to use their brains, develop thought beyond any limits possibly conceived, causing emergence of a large number of scientists whose logic brought about an increasing number of breakthroughs in all areas of life.
Naturally, the war industry has also developed resulting in production of increasingly powerful and deadly weapons. Atom bomb is the deadliest weapon produced to date.

-In 1896, a scientist Antoine Becquerel discovered radioactivity of Uranium;
-in 1902, Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radioactive metal radium;
-in 1905, Albert Einstein found that the mass could be perceived as just one more manifestation of energy able to convert into a vast quantity of power;
-Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr deduced the system of atom’s structure;
-in 1934, Enrico Fermi discovered nuclear fission.
-Only 33 years after Einstein had deduced that mass could be converted into energy, in December 1938, Otto Han and Fritz Strassman generated nuclear fission – atom splitting.
-On August 2, 1939, Albert Einstein wrote to the American President Roosevelt stating that it was possible to produce the atom bomb and urging him to go ahead with the production.
-In December 1942, at Chicago University, Enrico Fermi successfully produced the first controlled nuclear chain reaction.

-In August 1942, the Manhattan Project was launched with the aim to produce the first atom bomb. Enrico Fermi and Robert Oppenheimer directed the Project.
-On July 16 1945, in the desert of New Mexico the first atom bomb was tested.
-Interrupting his lunch, the American President made a phone call to order the first atom bomb to be dropped on the Japanese town Hiroshima.
At dawn, on August 6 1945, at 8 hours, 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the atom bomb exploded above Hiroshima (132E27, 34N24) producing tragic consequences: 140.000 people instantly died soon to be followed by the additional toll of 150.000 who did not survive the consequences of this tragic event. At that moment, the astrological chart (celestial planetary position) was alarming: Ascendant was, at that moment, at the worst degree of Zodiac circle - "diabolic" 18th degree of Virgo; the Moon (symbolizing humankind) conjunction Saturn (great misfortune, grief) was at the worst 18th degree (the worst diabolic energy) of Cancer which also represents a Man, mankind! This degree (18) should be born in mind as the degree bringing the worst misfortune on the mankind.




Only the soldiers were the ones to have something to gloat over for Mars (war, weapons) conjunction Uranus (bomb) sextile (successfully) Pluto (planet symbolizing mass deaths and mass killings) made this military action (Mars) possible - the bomb was dropped (Uranus) successfully (sextile) killing a large number of people (Pluto).

It is logical to assume that the horoscopes of all people who produced and used the first atom bomb are very unfavorable and show malevolent "diabolical" energy.

Robert Oppenheimer (22/4/1904 20:00 EST +5, 73W57 40N45) has Ascendant (his personality) at the worst 18th degree of Scorpio. The cusp of his 8th house (death) also begins at the 18th degree and, in addition, this house contains Pluto (mass killings).

Enrico Fermi (29/9/1901. 19:00 CET -1, 12E29 41N54) has Pluto (mass killings) at the 18th degree opposition (adverse aspect, adverse event) Uranus (bomb), as well as the cusp of the 10th house (something to be remembered by, masterwork) at the 18th degree.

The man who authorized the dropping of atom bomb, American President Harry Truman (8/5/1884. 16:17 CST +6, 94W16 37N30) has the Sun (to be the president, to make a decision) at the 18th degree of Taurus (food), which is why he made this decision during lunch.

Commander of «Enola Gay» aircraft from which the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Paul Tibets (23/2/1915. 00:04 AM CST+6, 91W24, 39N56) has Ascendant at the worst 18th degree of Scorpio, Mars at the 18th degree of Aquarius conjunction Uranus (bombs), cusp of the 8th house (death) at the 18th degree and Pluto (mass killings) in the 8th house of Cancer (men, mankind)!!!


Japanese emperor Hirohito


Two horoscopes show the fate of a country: horoscope of the country’s foundation and the horoscope of its ruler. These horoscopes show what will happen to a state as well as the fate of people living in it.

Japanese emperor Hirohito was born in 29/4/1901 in Tokyo (139E46, 35N42) at 22:10 JST-9.
In his horoscope, the Moon, symbolizing the fate of his people, is at the 22nd degree - also an adverse degree bringing about killing or the state of being killed; his Moon (people) forms an extremely adverse square (unfavorable aspect, misfortunate event) between Uranus (bomb) and Pluto (mass killings, mass destructions). In addition, Mercury ruling his Moon (people) is also at the 22nd degree of Aries (war).

Thus, the opposition of Uranus and Pluto square Moon at the adverse 22nd degree contributed to the mass killing (Pluto) of his people (Moon) by atom bomb (Uranus).


For further reading of this text, it is important to note the aspect of Uranus and Pluto describing the use of bomb for mass destruction.

Uranus square Pluto brings
about World War 3 - 2011, 2012


The above shows that the adverse degrees (18, 22) coupled with adverse aspect of Uranus symbolizing bombs and Pluto symbolizing mass destruction and killings brings about the danger coming from the use of bombs and weapons of mass destruction.


Ever since the atom bomb was discovered and used, all wars waged from 1945 to date were controlled - situations which would provoke the use of atom bomb being carefully evaded.


However, in 2011 and 2012, we will be faced with the frightening square (very malevolent aspect) of Uranus and Pluto. Thus, the unfavorable aspect of emperor Hirohito’s horoscope, which brought dropping of atom bomb on his people, will repeat itself! In addition, the square between these two planets will be even worse for Uranus symbolizing bombs enters Aries which represents war and weapons.


Uranus in Aries results in uncontrolled reactions, loss of control and use of entirely new weapons, telling us that just any kind of worst-case scenario is to be expected. Thus, constrained wars that we have had so far can easily get disastrous and out of control, engulf the entire world and entail the use of the most destructive weapons!

Horoscopes of America, Russia, China, India...



In the horoscope of every country, the 7th house describes relations with other states. This is the house of cooperation and alliances but also the house of war.


In the horoscope of the USA (4/7/1776. 17:10 LMT+00:00, 75W09, 39N57), Mars is placed in the 7th house. This planet symbolizes war and warfare. As we know, this country has waged the largest number of wars in the last 150 years.


In the horoscope of the newly formed Russia (12/6/1990 09:45 GMT +00:00, 37E35, 55N45), there is Mars in the 7th house (war) in Aries (war), telling us that their new state will certainly wage wars. Their Mars is in square with Uranus (bombs) and Neptune (viruses, bacteria)…


In the horoscope of China (1/10/1949 15:15 CCT -08:00, 116E25, 39N55), in the 7th house there is also Mars. Their Mars is in conjunction with Pluto, while the cusp of the 8th house (death) is at the 22nd degree of Virgo – the same degree and sign in which the Moon (people) was placed in the horoscope of the Japanese emperor Hirohito!


In the horoscope of India (26/1/1950 10:15 INT -05:30, 77E13, 28N40), Mars is also to be found in the 7th house square (adverse aspect, misfortunate event) Uranus (bomb)...


Therefore, in the horoscopes of America, Russia, China and India – four major world powers – dangerous Mars symbolizing war and warfare is to be found in their 7th house describing relations with other countries!


Beginning of the War is drawing near

The solar return charts of these countries shows when each of them will enter into war. When in the solar return chart Mars (war) finds itself in the 7th house, such countries inevitably enter the war.

In the solar return chart of Russia for June 2007/June 2008, Mars is in the 7th house (relations with other countries) in Aries (war), which makes me quite certain that in that period (probably the Spring of 2008) Russia will seriously enter war. In the astrocartography, Mars goes exactly over the Middle East – Iran in particular- implying that the events in that territory can embroil Russia in a war.

In the solar return chart of China for 2011, Mars is in the 7th house (war) trine Uranus, which implies atomic war.

In the solar return chart of America for July 2011/ July 2012 Uranus is to be found in the 7th house (bomb) in Aries (war) square Pluto (mass destruction), implying the period when America will be in a serious war conflict using its (latest) developed weapon.


The next solar return chart for the period between July 2012 and July 2013, with Pluto in the 4th house (American territory), will produce total destruction (Pluto) of American state (4th house).


Horoscopes of future leaders


Great war threat will be clearly visible in the horoscopes of future world power leaders. If the majority of them have in their horoscopes planets at very adverse degrees (18 and 22), if their Moon (people, mankind) is at the 18th or 22nd degree or adversely aspecting Pluto (mass destruction) or Uranus (bombs), or should they be on a very malevolent fixed star Algol also symbolizing mass killings – humankind’s prospects are gloomy.

One such person already «qualifies» for the ruling position in her country – Condolisa Rice. When Moscow reporters asked her about her plans for the future she said that she planned to run for president of her country at the next elections. Take a look at her horoscope.



She was born on 14/11/1954 at 11:30 (CST+6, 86W48, 33N31). At the cusp of her 10th house (top position) there is the Sun (to be the president) conjunction Venus at the 22nd degree (!), while the Moon symbolizing her people as well as entire mankind is placed in Cancer (people, human race) at the 18th degree (!) – the same position of the Moon when the atom bomb fell on Hiroshima!!!

Condolisa Rice


In addition, the present Russian President Putin has the Sun (power, supreme position) conjunction Saturn (extended term of office), which could indicate that his term of office will be prolonged due to possible war events in 2007/2008. His Uranus (bomb) is at the 18th degree of Cancer – the same degree at which the Moon was at the time of Hiroshima bombing....



If in the near future more leaders emerge with horoscopes such as the ones mentioned that will bring us Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn-Atomic War.

Heaven stages for us the worst possible scenario in the near future. The whole world is in a great danger. For help, we can but rely on our sound mind, astrology and God.


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