…”And they showed us into a place where they worshipped their God, and we knew not if we were in heaven or earth. For, earth knows no such beauty or sight … We only knew that God was with people, and that their divine service surpassed the service in any other kingdom…”

Nikola Stojanovic


Genetic horoscope of the Russians


In numerous books on astrology the identical assertions appear as “plagiarizing astrology”, which is, from the aspect of astrological logic, wrong. One of such “astrological truths” also includes the assertion that the Russian nation was born under the sign of Aquarius. That “astrological fact” has been widely accepted by astrologers all over the world, and even numerous Russian astrologers consider it true. I personally think that the Russians, in their genetic horoscope, were born under the astrological sign of Pisces.

Genetic horoscope of the Russian people

There is always a certain historical moment when the first state of a nation was created. The horoscope of such first state is called the Genetic Horoscope of a Nation. This means that certain nation will, during its existence, posses all the features of a horoscope sign under which that first state was created. As it is difficult to track down when exactly a nation had created its first state, the native sign of a nation’s birth can be identified by thorough and meticulous studies of its main characteristics. Studying the basic traits of the Russian people, I came to the conclusion that, in their Genetic Horoscope, they were born under the sign of Pisces. The reasons for the above are as follows:

First, let us consider how the Russians have waged wars. In the World War II, and also during the attack of Napoleon, the same things happened. The Russian army retreated in confusion, and when the enemy thought (self-deception) to have won the war, the Russian army started to fight back in waves of attacks and defeated the enemy, sustaining heavy casualties in the process. The retreat (flight), deception of the enemy, heavy casualties and the attacks in waves – are all ruled by Pisces and Neptune, the ruler of that sign.


In the memoirs of a German soldier who took part in the war at the Russian front, I’ve read that the most important thing in the Russian army was the vodka still. Under the influence of alcohol, the Russian soldiers had forgotten about fear, and they “readily” sacrificed themselves for the ultimate victory. Consequently, we pinpoint the second essential trait of the Russians – all Russians incline to excessive drinking. In Serbia, when we want to say that someone drinks a lot we usually use the expression: “He drinks like a Russian”...


The passion for alcohol - a typical characteristic of Pisces (ruled by Neptune – alcoholic drinks) - goes way back to the ancient times.


There is a well-known story (dating from 987AD) about how the Russians, when converting from paganism to Christianity, decided to take Christian religion. The Russians sent 10 people as messengers to learn something about the known religions of that time. When the messengers returned to Russia, their conclusions were as follows: they abjured Catholicism, because the religious service was performed in what was an “unintelligible language” to them (Latin); they also abjured the Jewish religion “because, Russia sees no reason to accept a religion incapable of protecting its country…? They abjured the Muslim religion, because it forbade “eating pork and drinking wine” , which opposed to their saying: “Drinking makes a Russian happy, for where there’s no drink there’s no Russian”. Therefore, their passion for drinking influenced the abandoning of other religions!


The religious service in Greek temples was a pleasant surprise for them:


”And they showed us into a place where they worshipped their God, and we knew not if we were in heaven or earth. For, earth knows no such beauty or sight … The only thing we knew was that God was with people, and that their divine service surpassed the service in any other kingdom…” Russia accepted Christianity on August 1, 988. And thus, we come to the following feature of the Russian people, and that is the unshakable faith of the Russians in God. Despite the most rigid communism regime practiced during Stalin’s rule, when more than 50 000 Russian churches and temples were demolished and burned down, and about 100 000 Russian priests murdered, the Russians did not lose their faith in God. Today, they put great respect and love into renovating the destroyed churches and places of worship.


As we know, the human race receives the divine energy through Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. And when it comes to the already mentioned comrade Stalin, the following characteristic typical of the Russian history comes to mind - the concentration camps and exiles. During the Russian empire, exile was a common punishment pronounced in Russian courts. As Sergej Vicin, the major general, said: “In 1905, at the time of the largest tumults and riots, the number of prisoners in the Russian empire did not exceed 150 000, while during Stalin’s rule, every year about 5 million Russians were put under investigative arrest and imprisoned”.


Consequently, the concentration camps in Russia go way back only to culminate during Stalin’s rule, certainly due to his horoscope. Unfortunately, the exact date of Stalin’s birth is unknown. In my astrological research, I managed to cast the possibly correct horoscope: Stalin (26 December 1878, 44E07, 41N58 LMT, 10:23 AM). Even after Stalin’s rule, the Russian people lived isolated from the rest of the world.





The Russians had been confined within the boundaries of their state, and the authorities hardly issued any permissions for leaving the country. And as we know, the prisons, camps, exile, and isolation in astrology are ruled by Pisces and its ruler Neptune. Only the world-class artists, mainly ballet dancers, members of the “Boljsoj teatar” (theater), could travel abroad during the communist regime. The Russian ballet is well-known in the world owing to the ballet legends such as Nizinski, Nurejev, Barisnjikov. As it is known, ballet is performed mainly by using feet, and in astrology, feet are ruled by Pisces. The Russian composers of classical music, and today, their performers of classical music, are world-famous artists, which is not surprising since composing and performing are ruled by the same planet – Neptune.


Nowadays, Russia is also becoming known for its mafia. And as it is well-known in astrology, the crime and the mafia are symbolized by the 12th house, the twelfth sign of Pisces.
Also, the Russians were the first in the history of mankind to send the first man into space. Neptune rules mysterious and still unexplored depths of the sea as well as unexplored, unknown and mysterious cosmic interstellar space. I believe that Aquarius rules the visible part of cosmos, the stars and the planets, i.e. solids in space (because of Saturn’s strong influence – matter in Aquarius), while the interstellar space in the universe not containing matter within itself is ruled by Pisces.


Therefore, it is only natural that the nation born under Pisces (the universe) be the first in the history of mankind to send a man into space (Pisces). In addition, Jurij Gagarin, the first man in the space, was also (of course) born in Pisces (9 March 1934, 32E03, 54N47, 1:52 AM EET – 2). My theory is also supported by the horoscope of the first Gagarin’s launching into space (12 April 1961, 63E20, 45N40, 7:06 AM GMT): the Ascendant of that event is at 29th degree of Cancer, and the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant, is in the 9th house at the 13th degree of Pisces, thus producing the first journey (9th house) of the first man (the Moon rules the human race. When placed at 13th degree – the degree of Aries – to be the first) into space (Pisces)!


It is natural that the Russians (the Pisces) sent the native of Pisces (Gagarin) into space, as well as it is natural that the Americans, the nation born under Cancer, sent the first men to the Moon, since the Moon is a natural ruler of Cancer (the Americans).


In addition, Russia has the world’s largest oil and gas reserves and, as we know, both oil and gas are ruled by Pisces and its ruler Neptune.


The influence of Pisces and Neptune, the ruler of that sign, can be noticed even in personal horoscopes of the people having any connections with Russia. For example, the legend of world chess, Bobby Fisher (9 March 1943, Chicago, 14:39 PM CWT + 5) achieved his greatest success, the world champion title, in the competition with the best Russian chess players. The Sun in a particular sign at the moment of birth tells us under which sign we were born. However, the Sun in a person’s horoscope also describes his/her greatest success, as well as the persons we dominate and have the greatest success over. Bobby Fisher was born under Pisces, so he (the Sun) has the greatest success and dominates over all the individuals and nations born under that sign. It means that he, as the native of Pisces - the sign of all Russian players - was the Sun (the best player). Paving his way to the world “throne”, Bobby Fisher almost wiped out the great Tajmanov having won (6:0); he beat Bert Larsen by 6:0 (Tajmanov was also born under Pisces – 4 March 1935); the former world champion Petrosjan (5:1), and finally, he also “wiped out” Boris Spaski, the actual world champion of that time, by 7:3 in the final match (he lost one game without a fight). He became the world champion in an insular country, in Reykjavik on Iceland. Therefore, Bobby Fisher became the world champion (the Sun in Pisces) beating the Russian players (Pisces) and one Dane (Larsen), however born under Pisces, in the country (Iceland) surrounded by the sea (Pisces)!


Also, a woman from our country, called Zeljka, an architect by profession (4 March 1954, Apatin, 20:22 PM CET) with four planets in Pisces (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) said: “I used to work mostly in Russia, i.e. I designed hotels (Pisces). I even won the prize (the Sun) there for architecture”…


My friend, Jasna Kostic, a teacher of Russian, who collected the historical material which supports this text (29 September 1955, 22E15, 43N34, 23:35 PM CET), was born with the Ascendant in Cancer and the Moon its ruler in 9th house of Pisces (Russia), and she spent a considerable part of her life in Russia..


Also, in many horoscopes of people, if 3rd house (name, nickname) begins in Pisces, or the ruler of 3rd house is either in Pisces or at their degree (12, 24), or if Neptune is in 3rd house, those persons often have a Russian or a Biblical name (both of them are ruled by Pisces).



The Russian Revolution


At the very end of this text, I will try to clarify why many astrologers are mistaken (Neptune) about the Russian nation being born under Aquarius and not Pisces, which (I hope) has already become clear in this text. The well-known Russian revolution seems to be the major and only argument.


First, the last Russian tzar Nikolai (18 May 1868, 10:00 AM, GMT, 30E25, 59N55) has the Moon (people) square Uranus (revolution), so his people (the Moon in Aries) stirred up the armed revolution (the Uranus). However, if you study the history textbooks closer, you will realize that this revolution was in fact a conspiracy (Neptune) of the world’s most powerful financial barons against booming of Russian economy.



Tzar Nikolai

This confirms the horoscope of the Russian tzar Nikolai. His 12th house (plots, conspiracies) begins in Leo (powerful individuals), and the Sun, the ruler of that house, is in Taurus (financial barons). Therefore, it is natural for the nation born under Pisces that its rulers (the Sun) should lose power (the Sun) due to conspiracy (Pisces), and not due to classical revolution (Uranus).


After all, in the horoscope of czar Nikolai there is the Moon (people) conjunction Neptune (conspiracy, delusion) square Uranus (revolution). Thus, his people (the Moon) stirred up a revolution (Uranus) by delusion and conspiracy (Neptune).


The second main reason for the misconception about the Russian nation being born under Aquarius is of astrological nature:
the planet Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is in Aquarius, in the sign of its exaltation (the strongest influence). Therefore, it is quite natural that a big mistake (Neptune) should occur about the Russians as natives of Aquarius (exalted Neptune).


The lesson drawn from this text and the message would be: fellow astrologers, do not take everything written in books as the ultimate truth. Everything should be supported by a sound astrological logic.


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