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Why are we undergoing various historical misfortunes



Nikola Stojanovic


We were born in the Capricorn with the sub-sign of the Taurus,
what is a combination of the Earth signs.



For studying the mentality of a people, it is necessary to know its genetic horoscope, i.e. the horoscope of a state created by its representatives at a certain historical moment. By the act of crowning Stevan Prvovencani for the king, what by my astrological studies, took place (according to the Gregorian calendar) on 4 January 1217 around 12:50 LMT in Zica Monastery, the Serbian people established its first state. In that genetic horoscope we were born in the Capricorn with the sub-sign of the Taurus. During its history, our people had many new states (read horoscopes), but its basic features were defined by the first genetic horoscope. The Capricorn with the sub-sign of the Taurus is a combination of the Earth signs, and therefore, we have been known by agriculture - the country of farmers (the Taurus – a village) at the hilly Balkans (the Capricorn). The ruler of the Ascendant (people, territory, our image, the way the others see us) – the Venus, occurred in the Capricorn in conjunction with the Mercury, and that aspect had significantly influenced our image in the world. These two planets define all we have been known for in the world: folk epic poems, folk dances, home prepared food for winter, the beauty of our churches and monasteries. The Venus (song) is placed in the Capricorn (the past, the ancient times) what made our folk epic poems famous; the Venus rules over all circular forms, and therefore, the dance kolo (in a circle) and the dancers holding each others hands because the Venus is in conjunction with the Mercury (hands).


The signs of the Taurus and the Venus symbolize food, and placed in the Capricorn (cold, winter), “forces us to prepare food for winter: make sauerkraut, because the Capricorn rules over sauerkraut, and later on make “sarma” (sauerkraut rolls), (the Venus), which consists of rice (the Mercury – cereals), minced meat (the Venus – meat, conjunction with the Mercury – minced meat) and simmers for a long period of time (in the Capricorn – a longer period of time). The Venus and the Mercury occur in the 9th house (religion, church) and therefore, we are known by the beauty (the Venus – aesthetics, beauty) of our sacral buildings (9th house) from the past (in the Capricorn).


Placidus Houses

The first Serbian state


The Venus as a ruler of the 1st house (territory) placed in the 9th house (foreign countries) caused the settling of the territories which, after some time, have become foreign countries to us, because the Venus occurred in bad aspects with the Uranus, the Saturn, the Jupiter and the Neptune. The Moon, which also symbolizes a house, a home, occurred in the Scorpio and therefore, we settled down the territories being ruled by this sign (Croatia, the Muslim Bosnia, Kosovo), where we experienced mass sufferings, because the Scorpio symbolizes just that. Our enormous sufferings during the 20th century have been very much influenced by the transit of the big fixed star Algol (the head of Medusa, demon’s head) through the Ascendant of the first Serbian state. Just to remind, that fixed star bears the energy of the mass sufferings and was present during all historical events in the world where many people were killed: the massacre of Hugenots in the Bartholomew massacre in 1572 (80 000 dead); bombing of Dresden (300 000); the massacre in Ruanda (800 000); Hiroshima (100 000); Vanse Conference in Berlin in 1942 at which the Nazi leaders made a decision on the final solution – holocaust; breaking out of plague in Egypt in 1790 (100 000); the plague in China in 1910 (2,5 million dead)… Due to the slow transit of this fixed star (it transits through one Zodiac degree for, roughly speaking, 50 – 60 years), the Serbian people suffered its effects during the whole 20th century. The seventh house refers to relations with the other countries, cooperation, but also the war, and so the ruler of that house, the Pluto, placed in the Leo, on the fixed star Regulus (world powers), caused wars with the most powerful countries of the world of the certain age (Turkey, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Germany, America…) and due to the transit through the Ascendant (people) of the first Serbian state we experienced the mass sufferings...


The Capricorn is ruled by the Saturn whose effect has significantly influenced our mental structure, as well as our, mainly, irrational conduct. The Saturn is the planet which symbolizes the following:


- The Past – we have been constantly turned to the past (“flogging at that horse”), and also obsessed by myths and legends from the past;


- Old age – and so the youth flees from the country, and the birth rate has drastically declined;


- Lack of self-esteem and humiliation – so we let the worst among us to humiliate the rest of us;


- Passiveness and hesitation – thus we all, particularly in the last ten years, waited for something to take place without our individual commitment and action;


- Masochism – so we endured all sorts of things;


- Misery and poverty – and here we are;


- The Saturn also symbolizes the Spite, and so we can often hear our sportsmen say they will beat the opponent team out of spite…


- The Saturn also symbolizes endurance, and due to the strong Saturn in the Libra, we are able to endure even the greatest temptations, misfortunes and sufferings.



As an example, about the power of the Saturn and its enormous ability of endurance and suffering, may be taken the horoscope of the Englishman John Smith, born on 21 June 1894 at 13:22 LMT in Calcuta. He was born in the Gemini with the sub-sign of the Libra. It is really incredible what this man has experienced:


- when he was only three weeks old, he broke his fingers and toes, because his nanny, in self-defense from a dog, dropped him;
- before his first birthday he burned his feet in hot water and almost died (the Mars – fire in the Pisces – feet);
- before his eighth birthday he almost died of pneumonia (the Sun in the Gemini – lungs, square, the Mars – inflammation);
- before he was 12 he fell from a horse down a slope, breaking his ribs, while at the age of 14 he fell down roller skating and broke both arms;
- the greatest misfortune in his life took place on 28 September 1917 at 15:01 in Calcuta before the age of 23 when he, looking at the train, fell under the locomotive which dragged him for some time and all his bones were broken and many organs severely hurt, but in spite of everything, he still stayed alive.



How and why?


It is most likely, because of the exalted (the strongest) Saturn in the Libra at the very Ascendant (physical body). Thus, the Saturn (suffering, endurance) enabled his body to endure and survive all the possible misfortunes he experienced.


Similar to the misfortunate John Smith, the Serbs also have the exalted, the strongest Saturn in the Libra, what means we will survive even the greatest misfortunes. But, is the fortune just in that?


All above mentioned seems rather grim, and there is a question how to overcome our irrationality which drove us, as the people, on the brink of disaster. The Saturn is the planet of maturity and growing up, the planet which teaches us life based on the life experience, on our mistakes, and it is necessary that all of us, both individuals and the people, do not repeat mistakes made in the past. Therefore, we should elect the leaders, those men who are able to contribute by their activity to constant development of the state; to establish a strict control of their work because they are at these positions because of us and not we because of them; to elect for leaders experienced diplomats and not great warriors because we are a small country… The consciousness about ourselves is the first step towards recovery of the nation.


The text you’ve just read was published in a daily “Glas javnosti” by the end of 2000; you can also find it in my book titled “Interpreters of the divine manuscript”. How did I find out about this date and this horoscope?


I got an idea that we, as the people, were born in this genetic horoscope (the horoscope of establishment of the first state), by examining the headlines from various newspapers I used to read in them during the last two decades. For example, “the Balkans was born in the Capricorn” – so it was natural it would be inhabited by peoples born in that sign. Besides, the Serbs live in the very center of the Balkans; the title of the book “the Serbs, the oldest nation” – certainly, the author did not use such a title for his book by chance: of course it is due to the Saturn’s effect, ruler of the Capricorn, which, as the planet, symbolizes old age.. Some diligent astrologists had studied and found out that the largest number of directors in Belgrade was born in the Capricorn; naturally, because the Sun (to be a director, manager, leader) in the Capricorn, is identical to the energy of the Sun in the Capricorn at the moment of creation of the first Serbian state; the foreigners who like us have, one after the other, some planet in the Capricorn: for example, Nigel Kennedy has got the Moon in that sign, and he says: “I like the Serbian (the Saturn) people (the Moon)…


The transit of the Uranus through the Capricorn (Serbia) has resulted in the expansion of studying astrology in Serbia; also, Borisav Jovic proclaimed the new Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) on 27 April 1992 at 14:05, in Belgrade, with the Uranus in the Capricorn, and we – the Serbs (the Capricorn) were bombed (the Uranus).


Our well-known psychiatrist, Jovan Maric, published his book “What kind of people are we – the Serbs?” A chapter of this book is titled “The Serb mental quartet – sadness, sufferings, masochism, spite”. Probably, professor Maric wrote about the Saturn’s effects, the ruler of the Capricorn, without knowing that… There are many such examples.


Well, I located the sign, but it was “only” necessary to find out the date and the exact time. By the historical data, the first Serbian state was established in 1217. I got closer to my goal, it was “only” necessary to study the dates in January 1217. In order to make my job easier, “I tried to trace” the sole position of the Moon (people).


In schools, from books and media we have learned since the early childhood that our people experienced many misfortunes during its history. This already indicates the possibility that the Moon occurred in the Scorpio (suffering). As the people, we settled down on the territories also settled by the Shiptars, the Croats and the Muslims, the peoples which also existed and behaved under the effect of the Pluto’s energy and the Scorpio. We are getting closer to the goal… Not only once I’ve read a sentence in the newspapers “…the families of the miners, who lost their lives, moved to the flats provided by the state (the Moon)…” So, the families of the workers, working in the underground (the Scorpio), dead (the Scorpio), moved into the flats (the Moon)…Well, we can be pretty sure that the Moon occurred in the Scorpio; in January 1217 the Moon was in the Scorpio about the 4th . I made up my mind for the 15th degree of the Scorpio for two reasons – firstly, we were bombed at the time when the transiting Uranus was at the 15th degree of the Aquarius – and it was forming the exact square (action, event) with the natal Moon at the 15th degree of the Scorpio of the first Serbian state.


Secondly – here we are going to use my degrees – our people like scolding a lot and in the scolds (the Scorpio) mention the mother (the Moon). The position of the Moon in the Scorpio at the 15th degree (which symbolizes the third Gemini sign – talk) confirms that in the best way; and consequently, we have: our people (the Moon) in its everyday conversation (15th degree – the Gemini, talk) often scolds (the Scorpio)!


When the position of the Moon has been discovered, what follows is much easier, and the exact astrological chart can be obtained.





The Sun (responsibility) in a bad aspect (the square) with the strong Neptune (avoid) in its natural 12th house, on a general level, results in avoiding (the Neptune) any responsibility (the Sun). Therefore, it is quite normal that in this country, for example, an enterprise, a firm, a state were ruined, and everybody avoids responsibility – nobody is to be blamed for that. The Sun in the 9th house indicated that one of our rulers would be a foreigner (the 9th house – foreign country) – of course, the word is about Josip Broz. The position of the Sun in the 9th house also tells about the strong effect of that house (foreign country) on our rulers, and the Sun in the aspect with the Neptune defines that our rulers, consciously or unconsciously, betray (the Neptune) the interests of their state (the Sun)… This aspect also defines the exile (the Neptune) of the king (the Sun in the Capricorn – old form of the social system – monarchy) to Great Britain, which was born in the Capricorn as well.


The Jupiter (foreign country) in the 12th house (monasteries, churches) tells us that the main (the Aries) sacred shrines stayed abroad (Hilandar, Saint Andrea, and others…). Only men may come to visit Hilandar, because the 12th house begins in the Aries (the ruler Mars – the men). The Venus (also, the people as the ruler of the Ascendant) placed in a bad, devil’s 18th degree, tells that we will be demonized during our lives. That happened during the rule of Slobodan Milosevic (20 August 1941, 20:58:30, CET, 21E11, 44N38), because his cusp of the 10th house (reign, power) occurred exactly at the 15th degree of the Capricorn, so he activated the Venus in a comparative horoscope, within the horoscope of the first Serbian state…


All the places for going out are described by the 5th house. That house begins in the Leo (institutions), and the restaurant has become an institution for our people. The Sun, the ruler of that house, occurs in the 9th house, having the symbolic of the Sagittarius (the Jupiter – democracy), and our restaurants have become the first Serbian (the Capricorn) democratic (the 9th house) institution (the Sun). We all have a good talk there (the Sun in conjunction with the Mercury – talk), and if there is money, we also eat there (the Sun in conjunction with the Venus – to eat). One usually listens to music (the Venus – music) there too, i.e. folk music (the Venus in the Capricorn – the Serbs and therefore the folk music). That music is “filled” with sadness, melancholy (the effect of the Capricorn). The songs mainly tell about unfortunate love (the Venus is still in square to the strong Saturn) giving rise to sadness and pain, even emotional masochism, so people in a restaurant break glasses with their hands in the spiritual anguish ecstasy..


At the end of this text I would say that this horoscope (date) resembles us and our destiny very much and that this has been only an attempt to find the answer to the question why are we such as we are, because by studying the astrological past we might find the answers to the questions concerning our future…

Nikola Stojanovic

P.S. The squaring of the Sun (lords, rulers) and the Neptune (treason) tells us about the treason cult. The mythical traitor is the lord Vuk Brankovic. The Neptune (treason) in the Aries (wolf, wolves) tells about his name. The Sun in the Capricorn (the ruler Saturn describing something being repeated) tells us that such figures (the Neptune – traitors) often appeared in our past, appear in the present time and will appear in future (the square aspect – perpetum mobile – something occurring constantly and frequently).


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