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This article was published in Glas Javnosti daily in 2000, however it has not lost its topicality.

“There are many things on and off the Earth beyond your imagination” This line from the cult movie Blade Runner tells us that in this world there are many mysteries difficult to unveil and fathom.


One of the secrets of this world of which many books have been written is whether there are people and organizations that secretly rule the world from the SHADOW? This question can be answered with the help of the exact discipline - astrology.

Many secret societies such as Free Masons, Illuminati, Rosencreuzers (Rosicrucian Order) … were founded in 16, 17, 18 century – the period of history when the humankind was in the Age of Pisces.

What does it mean?

This means that the entire humankind – naturally, at the subliminal level – lived in accordance with the main symbolic of Pisces. The sign of Pisces symbolizes religion and communication with God and thus, many religions appeared and people became aware of the existence of God.

The most powerful people came from the priesthood; rulers reigned in the name of God; wars were also waged in the name of God. The sign of Pisces rules seas, which is why the countries with the mightiest fleets ruled the world and gained supremacy in naval battles (the Battle of Levant, the battle of Trafalgar…). Clergymen were the most educated people and schools were organized in churches and monasteries while the knowledge of learned people of that time was largely secreted (Pisces - Neptune: to hide) from ordinary people (read The Name of the Rose).

Artists’ motifs were religious and art flourished (humanism and renaissance), for Pisces are the sign of art. The most widely read book was the Bible, while books were kept in churches and monasteries.
The sign of Pisces symbolizes concentration camps, prisons and slavery. The majority of mankind lived deprived of all rights, like slaves (slave-holding system, harems). Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. It symbolizes viruses and bacteria and thus, the greatest danger was lurking from various diseases – three-year transit of Saturn (which rules skin) through Pisces (viruses, bacteria) brought about the horrible bubonic plague which almost halved the mankind.

Since Pisces symbolize something hidden, unknown worlds (continents) were discovered in the Age of Pisces – America, Australia …
As Pisces symbolize secrecy, mystery, everything hidden and in a shadow, it is only natural that in the Age of Pisces there were people who founded secret societies (Pisces) with the goal to rule (the Sun) the world from the shadow (Pisces)! Let us take a look, for example, at the horoscope of constitution of Grand Lodge Orient. It was founded on 24 June 1717 in London (12:00 PM LMT). The Sun describing a supreme power is placed at the most powerful degree of the zodiac circle - the 2nd degree of Cancer, confirming the aspiration of this society to rule the world.


Saturn (sternness) is placed in the sign of Libra (laws, rules), meaning that codes of conduct are extremely strict in that organization; Mars (action, activity) is in Sagittarius (rest of the world) telling us that they are very active throughout the world; the Moon (human race) is in its Fall in Capricorn, meaning that they are cold-hearted and, while they are in power, the majority of people will always live in poverty and misery (Capricorn).

There is an amazing similarity between the horoscope of the Grand Orient and the horoscope of the USA (4 July 1776, Philadelphia, 17:10 LMT), only confirming the theory that the USA was created and ruled by the free masons. The first person to talk about the New World Order in recent history was the Professor of Laws Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748 Ingolstadt), founder of Bavarian Order of Illuminati. They were founded (please note the date) on 1 May 1776 (celebrating the Labour Day in communism for years we had, in fact, been celebrating the foundation day of the Bavarian Order of Illuminati!)

Being a strong Aquarius (in Aquarius there is the Sun, True Node, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter – everything new), it is only natural that he advocated the New World Order. According to him, the true purpose of Illuminati is to establish the new world order ruled by the elite pretending to represent the interests of ordinary people; foundation of the elite that will penetrate all segments of society from arts to politics and laws.

Using the revolting masses in the course of revolution (Uranus), aristocracy by succession need to be replaced by aristocracy by intellect (Aquarius) …

These words resulted in the French Revolution. When the existence of Uranus was discovered in 1781, the age of Pisces gave way to the Age of Aquarius on the cosmic scene. This would normally indicate that in time, secret societies would have disappeared. However, Neptune ruling Pisces exerts its strongest influence in Aquarius, meaning that the power of these societies in the Age of Aquarius - that is, NOW - is at its peak.

This means that they are very much alive and equally powerful. They operate in the same way – rule from the shadow through other people whom they appoint for the presidents of states. In the beginning of June last year (1999), one of the mighty ones sent his message from Portugal.


Henry Kissinger: „Bill Clinton went too far …” referring to the bombing of Serbia. Three days after this sentence had been made public, hostilities ceased.

They plan their actions meticulously and seriously and execute them very effectively. A friend of mine who used to work in the British Council in Belgrade for many years, happened to come across a book written by a British geopolitician who lived in 19 century. There she found the map of Eastern Europe where it was written: “Countries designated for experiments!” Seventy years later, all countries of Eastern Europe became communist countries.

They closely study the mentality of each nation looking for their weaknesses. At a reception for foreign diplomats organized by our Government in 1981, our politicians and army representatives boasted about no external enemy being able to conquer monolithic Yugoslavia. Hearing that, an unnamed foreign diplomat said: “And what will happen if your enemy comes from INSIDE?!” This was exactly what happened: former Yugoslavia was disintegrated by a well-conceived chauvinism boosted by the media, which led to religious and civil wars in 1990s.


According to a Croatian politician, the main and biggest problem of the Croats in their attempts to separate from Yugoslavia was that “…Tito and Yugoslavia were well known to everyone. However, no one have heard of Croatia and the Croats …”. Thus, in order to attract international media attention in 1980s, they had to make themselves known as nation. As a consequence, the following occurred: - a Croat was declared the 5 billionth citizen of the world; Croatian band Riva won Eurovision song and the next Eurovision song was held in the capital city Zagreb; Lady of Medjugorje appeared; a mysterious collector of paintings, Mimara, opened his museum in Zagreb; European Championship in athletics took place in the Croatian town of Split...Croatian footballers won the third place in the World Cup as a reward for their active participation in disintegration of Yugoslavia - the same way the Poles did after the breakdown of communism in Poland ….

Nothing happens by coincidence. We all live as part of their plan …

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