Degree and number 18

Author: Katarina Milisavljevic



This is the story of the 18th degree the number 18 and the sign of Scorpio. I will not elaborate on the meaning of this degree because, owing to the discovery of the theory on degrees, much has been written about it. We all know that many historical figures who did evil to the humankind had a planet at this notorious degree.


Naturally, everything needs to be checked in practice and nothing should be taken for granted. One way of verification is to keep track of daily events.


To support this, I can tell you that I heard on the radio that the total eclipse of the Sun happens every 18 years. Interesting, isn’t  it? The Sun, symbolising life and positive energy, looses its influence during the eclipse, and dark forces are brought to the forth.


People attracting  and creating such energies and events are Scorpios. However, this does not only apply to the sign of Scorpio but also Scorpio Ascendant and the people with the strong influence of the 8th house, having a lot of planets in Scorpio or a lot of planets and cusps at the degree of Scorpio (8th, 20th degree).


My Ascendant in Scorpio made me participate in an “interesting” event. It is also interesting to note that I was with a friend whose entire first house (she) covers Scorpio. In this sign she has Pluto, Saturn and Mars at the 18th degree of Scorpio.


This sufficiently shows her extremely strong energy and the fact that she is well familiar with dangers. She was born on 17 May 1984 in Belgrade at 17h25min.


We were at a party (28 October 2007 in Belgrade at 22h 15min).


The party was just like any other. I didn’t know anyone so I just chilled sipping a warm beer (horrible – I have the Moon in Capricorn, and thus I like cold –Capricorn, beer –the Moon).


Nevertheless, I focused my attention on a group of girls dressed in black. I asked my friend  if she knew who they were? She answered: ”Oh, these are Goths”. Frankly, I was sticking out like a sore thumb in my magenta sweater. But nothing happened in particular until we went for home.

The guys who were throwing the party were outside to se someone off and they saw a guy who dropped the gun in the street. The guy had a crazy and dangerous expression on his face and ordered them not to move. He picked up the gun and suddenly turned around and went away. Fortunately, nothing happened. However, the “brave” boys did not let us go home for they were afraid that he could still be somewhere out there. They said that he looked as he was prepared to do just anything, even to shoot us all!


We just laughed at this and started for home. We got home all right. Tomorrow, I entered in my computer the data for the previous evening and saw that the two planets were at the 18th degree. I immediately thought that those guys were justly concerned about that person, while  “Goths” were not at the party “by accident”. These two planets were Venus at the 18th degree of Virgo and Jupiter at the 18th degree of Sagittarius.


I remembered the girls in black. They were all under the influence of the 18th degree i.e. the degree of evil. You know, those were the people listening to heavy metal music, dressed in leather and chains …Venus– young girls – was in Virgo – in the sign of its fall, which  made me meet young girls ( Venus ) wearing (Virgo represents our outfit) the outfit which represents evil.


Venus was in square (adverse aspect) with Jupiter which represents faith and religion. It is well known that big fans of heavy metal are often inclined to  Satanism. I wonder who was more dangerous in that situation – that crazy guy in the street with the gun or these girls?


So, again it was proved that the degree (but also the number) 18 represents Satan. In addition, the persons having a planet at that degree, particularly a personal planet (the Sun, Ascendant, and their ruler ) are either influenced by Satan or attract evil energies – consciously or unconsciously.


Influence of number 18


In the course of writing this text, I got even more evidence to support these statements.


At the moment when I was about to finish my writing, I saw the commercial for the film The Eighteenth Angel.


I immediately knew that these were no “angels” at all. Naturally, the film was about Satan and his return to the planet Earth for which 18 children were supposed to be sacrificed!


The children had to be pretty so that the Satan could have a divine appearance and by resembling Christ succeed in deceiving people. All those who were on the verge of disclosing him were killed. There was also a Professor who died in the same way and after her death the Satan’s servants tried to lure her daughter with the purpose to sacrifice her because of her beautiful face. The girl was very beautiful and thus “the chosen one”. Under the pretext that they want to make photoes for her book for a modelling agency, the members of this sect invited her to come to Rome. Her father did not approve at first, but eventually gave in to improve his relation with his daughter which was dramatically shaken after the death of the mother. However, the father sensed that something strange was happening because he saw his dead wife in his dream. The wife told him: “..Save Lucy..”.


Then, he participated in a strange sequence of events which additionally made him suspicious. The whole operation was led by the main priest of the sect the trademark of which was number 18.  At their sessions, 18 people made a circle and they frequently shouted number 18 in Italian.



Interesting… And  even more interesting  was the fact that the story line was moved to Rome? Those knowledgeable of  Vatican history and history of the Catholic Church will remember that throughout the history they often showed their dark side (horrors of inquisition, role of their church in the World War Two, mass paedophilia …). However, let us go back to the film.


The father was trapped and unfortunately was too late to save his daughter who was strangled by black horses. However, she did not die that instant, but in hospital. The father was desperately trying to call paramedics when suddenly, he sensed her pulse.


However, this was not his Lucy any more... This is where the film ends. Satan’s plan worked.


What is there more to say ?  It is common knowledge that the 18th degree is the degree of the devil and the devil’s number.. Therefore, pay close attention when someone has an active 18th degree in his/her horoscope. These people often do evil, consciously or unconsciously, attract evil energies or bad things happen to them.


Written by: Katarina Milisavljevic


© 2002-2005  Nikola Stojanovic