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The greatest body-builder of all times, one of the biggest Hollywood stars and the present Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30 1947 in Austria, in a little town Thal near Graz. At the time of his birth, the Sun was in Leo conjunction Saturn and Pluto. According to the facts known about him, Schwarzenegger is one of the few typical and genuine natives of the sun sign and is distinguished by all positive characteristics of Leo – strength, power, grandness, confidence, aspirations toward success, glory and powerful position. It is easy to see this from his appearance, manners, behavior and choice of profession. Leo natives are often seen in sports, acting, and politics –the very professions that made Schwarzenegger famous and distinguishable from the others.

Planetary positions at the time of his birth are impressive. On the one hand, there is a powerful conjunction between the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Leo while, on the other, there is a conjunction between Uranus and Mars in Gemini and almost exact water trine between Mercury and Jupiter.


The sole dilemma remaining is – where could the ascendant be?


His horoscopes that can be found on particular astrological web-sites state rough time of his birth as 4:00 AM, meaning that his ASC is in Cancer and Venus is close to ASC, while Mars and Uranus are in the 12th house. This produces a rather confusing and very likely incorrect birth chart.


It is absurd to even think that a man, who is the symbol of a masculine strength, has the ASC (physical build) in a delicate, emotional Cancer with the conjunction between Venus (roundness, softness) and ASC, while at the same time Mars (manliness, muscles, strength) is in the 12th house!


However, if we move his time of birth 2 hours back – more precisely2:02 AM - we get a much more logical picture. ASC is at the 21st degree of Gemini with Mars and Uranus placed in the 1st house. Of course, positions of other planets and cusps also fit into right places, that is, support the facts about Schwarzenegger. To summarize, this is how we get the correct horoscope. Schwarzenegger was born on 30.07.1947. (15E27, 47N05), 02:05 AM CED-2


First of all, why ASC has to be in Gemini?


ASC represents physical looks, appearance and the first associations evoked in connection with the person we think about – in this case Schwarzenneger.

First association about Schwarzenegger is a unique (Uranus) musculature (Mars) i.e. strength and muscularity (Mars).

In addition, the way he speaks (Gemini) English with German (Mars) accent is striking. This can be seen by the position of the ruler of ASC Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter. Therefore, he speaks (Mercury) a foreign (Jupiter) language (Mercury) with his native (Cancer) accent (Mercury). And further, the mentioning of his name (Gemini) evokes his roles in movies where, the most famous one is from a science fiction (Uranus) action (Mars) movie where he plays the role of a cyborg (Uranus) killer (Mars) from future (Uranus) -Terminator.


The position of Mars is particularly interesting in his horoscope. Namely, it is placed exactly on the fixed star Bellatrix which is of a Martian nature i.e. bestows the traits such as self-confidence, strength, energy, fighting spirit, pride, courage, organizational skills, love for violence and fighting. Here, Mars is uniquely placed and empowered by an extremely strong fixed star. This position is the main reason for Schwarzenegger's physical strength and it is not surprising that as a teenager (title of Mr. Europe when he was 18) he became a leading (Mars) world's bodybuilder (Mars).





Schwarzenegger was born and raised in a small, mountainous town Thal, in a more than 300-year old house of his father. This is indicated by the position of the Moon in Capricorn – beginning of life – birth home (the Moon) in a mountainous, remote, rural (Capricorn) place. The cusp of the 4th house in Leo tells us that he was raised in his father's house, while the ruler of this house, the Sun conjunction Saturn, implies the considerable oldness of that house.


His father Gustav was born on 17/8/1907 and his mother Aurelia on 30/7/1922 – both parents have the Sun in Leo - which is exactly where the 4th house begins (parents). The Sun conjunction Saturn explains a considerable age difference between his parents. Gustav Schwarzenegger used to be a police officer which, on the one hand, is indicated by the Sun in Leo while, on the other, this is supported by the ruler of the 10th house (father) Uranus conjunction Mars (police).


The fourth member of the family, Arnold's elder brother Meinherd, was born on 17/7/1946. Three planets placed in the 3rd house of a masculine sign (brothers, sisters) tell us that he has a brother. The presence of Saturn indicates that this is an older brother. The cusp of the 3rd house and position of Mercury (brother) in that sign show that he was born under Cancer. Meinherd died in a traffic accident in 1971. This is indicated by the ruler of the 10th house (8th house (death) counting from the 3rd house) Uranus in Gemini (traffic) conjunction Mars (accident) at the degree of Scorpio (death).

Bodybuilding brought Schwarzenegger a unique achievement. Namely, he holds a record in the number of titles won in this sport (13).

His ASC begins at the 21st degree (Sagittarius-records) conjunction Mars (sport). The ruler of ASC, Mercury, trines Jupiter (records). Similarly, the cusp of the 10th house is at the degree of Sagittarius showing that in one of his professions (10th house) he will achieve record results. Uranus (the ruler of the 10th house) conjunction Mars (sport) shows that this will be in the area of sports.


 The cusp of the 10th house in Aquarius shows that he tends to change (Aquarius) his occupations (10th house). Uranus, the ruler of the 10th house in Gemini, on the other hand, indicates dual professional aspirations. Be reminded that as an active bodybuilder Schwarzenegger used to act in movies. He continued to do so even when he became the Governor of California.

At the beginning of his film career, Schwarzenegger's long name and bad accent were major obstacles to his establishment in Hollywood. This is why Saturn has to be in the 3rd house. It is a common knowledge that the position of Saturn in a sign, a house and aspects in a person's horoscope show the type of obstacles and restrictions this person has to face. In this case, Saturn (impediment, barrier) is in Leo conjunction Sun (acting) in the 3rd house (name, communication, accent).

Being an athlete, Schwarzenegger traveled a lot – which can be seen in the position of Mars (sport) in Gemini (travels) in a strong 3rd house. In 1968, he moved to the American state of California where he started a family and fully established himself professionally. For this decision, he has to thank the ruler of ASC -Mercury. The position of Mercury in Cancer would normally make us think that he will travel a lot across his country (Cancer). However, Mercury is in almost exact trine with Jupiter (foreign countries) in Scorpio and hence, the position of Mercury tells us that he will go to the country born under the sign of Cancer – America. Additionally, Jupiter indicates that this has to be California (Sagittarius) – the state of film industry (Jupiter).

On the other hand, the answer to the question – why California – can be found in astrocartography. Namely, the planets going through the territory of this state are no less than Mars and Uranus – the planets placed at his ASC (first step, action). It is interesting to note that the cusps of house axes (ASC,DESC,IC,MC) - the most important points in a horoscope - are at the 21st degree (Sagittarius degree), which is why he (ASC) goes abroad and gets married there (DESC), starts a family (IC) and makes a career (MC).


In 1986, Schwarzenegger marries an American woman Maria Shriver. She was born on 6/11/1955; she is a reporter and is related to the Kennedy family. She met Schwarzenegger at a tennis tournament.

The cusp of the 7th house begins in Sagittarius at the 21st degree and thus, it was to be expected that he would marry a foreigner. Jupiter, the ruler of the 7th house is in Scorpio – her native sign. Sagittarius and Jupiter symbolize tennis and thus, it is not surprising that she would meet him at the tennis tournament. The ruler of the 7th house trine Mercury (journalism) tells us that she is a reporter. The Moon is placed in the 7th house in Capricorn at the 2nd degree. This means that a member of her family (the Moon) was in a very high place (2nd degree) in the past (Capricorn).


Owing to his physical built, Schwarzenegger entered the Guiness Book of World Records as „the most perfectly developed man in the history of the world “. It is easy to assume why – the ruler of ASC (he, physical built) Mercury (book) trines Jupiter (records).

In April 1997, Schwarzenegger had a heart surgery. This distressing event in his life possibly is the best proof of the correctness of this horoscope. Being born under Leo, it will be natural to expect him to have a heart problem at some point of his life. However, the surgery is shown in the cusp of the 8th house (operations, surgeries) beginning at the 29th degree (Leo-heart) of Capricorn while the ruler of this house – Saturn – is in Leo conjunction Sun. This cannot be seen in the chart in which ASC is in Cancer since, in that case, the 8th house is in Aquarius and its ruler Uranus in Gemini is in conjunction with Mars.





The analysis of this rectified chart would remain incomplete if it did not include Schwarzenegger’s movies for, the kinds of films he starred in and his roles need to be seen in the chart. First, let us remind ourselves about the function and meaning of ascendant. While the essence of a human being can be deciphered by the position of the Sun and Moon, the purpose of ASC is to tell us about someone's physical appearance, character and temper and, above all, someone's personality – how this person presents himself/herself to others and, consequently, how others see this person. By the logic of things, a man who chose an acting career will present himself by his movies i.e. play the roles in accordance with the nature of ASC and planets in the 1st house.


Therefore, what is the nature of films in which Schwarzenegger acts and what kind of roles he mainly plays?


ASC in Gemini and Mars and Uranus in the 1st house provide the answer. The presence of Mars tells us that these are mostly action movies with fighting, violence, shootings and killings. Uranus adds speed, excitements, explosions and futuristic elements while Gemini bring usual street chases, catchy lines and a certain amount of humor, frivolity and naivety, since the majority of his movies target younger generations i.e. children and teenagers (Gemini).

It will be also interesting to take a look at the photographs i.e. posters that announced his movies. He mostly had that military look, held a weapon in his hand, and his muscles were particularly pronounced. The photograph taken from the movie Terminator 2 is particularly interesting. It shows his face (ASC) split into two (Gemini) parts.


The film, which brought Schwarzenegger fame and glory, was Conan the Barbarian made in 1982. The next year, he made Conan the Destroyer. These two movies are precisely described by the Sun conjunction Saturn and Pluto in the 3rd house. Therefore, he became famous (the Sun) in a film where he plays a strong

(the Sun), ruthless and relentless (Saturn, Pluto) warrior (Mars at ASC) from the past (Saturn). Since this constellation is placed in the 3rd house (Gemini-dual sign), two films were made with the titles corresponding to the symbolic of the planets –Conan the Barbarian (Saturn) and Conan the Destroyer (Pluto).


In 1984, we could see a cult film directed by James Cameron – The Terminator. This was followed by Terminator 2 in 1991 and Terminator 3 made in 2003.


It is simply amazing to see how much Mars conjunction Uranus in Gemini describes the story about Terminator.

As we know, in this science fiction (Uranus) action (Mars) movie he plays the role of a cyborg (Uranus) killer (Mars) coming into our present (Gemini) from the future (Uranus). On the surface ( ASC), he is an extremely strong (Mars) man (Gemini-human sign). However, he is actually a machine inside (Uranus-machine at the degree of Pisces – hidden, invisible). He is ruthless, cruel, incapable of mercy or forgiveness (Moon in Capricorn). He tries to reach his goal (Sun) persistently, calculatedly and systematically (Saturn) – and his goal is to kill and destroy (Pluto). Therefore, the whole horoscope shows that Schwarzenegger was the only person fit to play this role. In addition, many scenes from the Terminator trilogy can be seen in the horoscope – largely through Mars conjunction Uranus in Gemini. For example, in the first movie there is a scene in which he runs (Gemini) through the fire (Mars) and jumps (Uranus) onto the car (Gemini) breaking (Mars) the windshield (Gemini) with his hand (Gemini). Soon after that, he is seen bursting into the police station (Mars) with his car (Gemini) and killing (Mars) all the police officers. At the end of the movie, he gets out of the truck (Gemini) on fire (Mars) and dies in flames (Mars-fire at the degree of Scorpio death) only to resurrect as a machine (Uranus-machine at the degree of Pisces -resurrection). The second film has scenes that are even more graphic. The most striking is the one in which he cuts (Mars) his own hand (Gemini) with a knife (Mars).


In 1985, the movie was released with the symbolic title –Commando – starring Scwarzenegger, of course, as an indestructible soldier (Mars) John Matrix.

A year later, he made the movie Raw Deal where, this time, he played the role of a police officer (Mars).

1987 brought a new blockbuster - Predator. In this movie, he also played a soldier (Mars), this time fighting (Mars) an alien (Uranus).


The next movie released in 1988 was called The Running Man. Mars conjunction Uranus (speed) in Gemini  (motion, walking)-runner.

In 1988, another movie was released with the symbolic title – Red Heat (Mars). Shwarzenegger played the role of a Russian communist (Uranus at the 24th degree – degree of Pisces-Russia) Captain (Mars) Ivan Danko.


The title of the next movie starring Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito does not need any additional comments -Twins.


The film Total Recall made in 1990 is one of his movies which have the most intense symbolic of Mars and Uranus in Gemini. The film is science fiction (Uranus) action (Mars) where Schwarzenegger goes on a journey (Gemini) to, no less than planet Mars! Film ends by Schwarzenegger releasing (Uranus) oxygen (Gemini) on Mars! In the same year, another movie with interesting title was released – Kindergarten (Gemini) Cop (Mars).


After all these box-office hits, the next film was a total failure which announced the period of bad movies and decline of Schwarzenegger's popularity. Of course, the name of this film is symbolic – Last Action (Mars) Hero (Mars). The following films, although unsuccessful, also reflected the symbolic of Mars and Uranus in Gemini. The most striking example is The 6th Day – a futuristic action about cloning (Uranus). There were also two (Gemini) Schwarzeneggers appearing in the film.


In the end, I would like to draw your attention to one more interesting detail. Inspired by Schwarzenegger's appearance (ASC), George Butler and Robert Fiore wrote a book (Gemini) based on which a documentary (Gemini) was made entitled Pumping Iron-Mars conjunction Uranus at ASC...


Dusan Manojlov


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