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My research of the Zodiac degrees have shown that the 2nd degree of any Zodiac sign occurs in the astrological charts of the people who, in their lifetime, had the supreme power or made highly respected and remarkable achievements.


The astrological chart that made me realize this was Queen Victoria’s (24 May 1819, 4:15 a.m. LMT, 00W10, 51N30). Namely, I wondered what it was, in terms of astrology, that helped the British Empire, during her 64-year reign, to expand its colonial borders so that “the Sun never set…”. All the conventional astrological indicators were not sufficient to support that fact. Jupiter (expansion) in the 10th house (power) certainly lent its influence, but it was supported

only by sextile (not very strong aspect) to Uranus, Mars and the North Node. Other rulers had yet more powerful aspects, nevertheless they did not rule almost the whole world. I focused my attention on the position of the Sun (authority, power) at the 2nd degree of Gemini, the cusp of the 10th house (supreme power) at the 2nd degree of Aquarius, and the cusp of the 4th house (homeland) at the 2nd degree of Leo. This was how I began to trace the secret of the 2nd degree of each Zodiac sign. In my further research, I learned the truth about the supreme power produced by the 2nd degree of each sign.


Queen Victoria ruled the world because her Sun (power, authority) is at the most powerful 2nd degree of Gemini. In addition, the cusp of her 10th house (authority, power) is at the most powerful 2nd degree of Aquarius. Moreover, the Sun at the 2nd degree of Gemini creates the exact trine (easily, successfully) with the cusp of the 10th house at the 2nd degree of Aquarius. All this contributed to the fact that during her long reign, her homeland (the 4th house) became the most powerful country in the world (the effect of the cusp of the 4th house – homeland, at the 2nd degree of Leo)!


There are, in fact, many examples of the power of the 2nd degree of any sign. Let us start in the following order:


Let us take the United Kingdom (01.01. 1801, 00 : 00 AM LMT 00W07, 51N30) as an example. How does this horoscope show that the U.K. ruled the whole world? In its 10th house (authority), just like in Queen Victoria’s, there is Jupiter retrograde at the 1st degree in the 10th house of Leo. This retrogression of Jupiter explains this ruling the whole world. Namely, the retrograde planets also have a strong influence on the degree they started from. Thus, retrograde Jupiter at the 1st degree also has a strong influence on the 2nd degree of Leo. Again, we reach the most powerful 2nd degree, which explains their ruling the world.


Jupiter rules the 3rd house, which in a horoscope represents the spoken language of a nation, and the traffic and car industry. The influence of Jupiter as the ruler of the 3rd house at the most powerful 2nd degree (remember the retrogression!) of Leo promoted the English language as the most important and dominant language of all the languages spoken on this planet. Jupiter at the 2nd degree of Leo as the ruler of the 3rd house (traffic, cars) also helped the British Rolls Royce to be seen as the most prestigious (Leo) car.


If you also remembered the other most popular British car, Mini Morris, please note that Mercury certainly exerted its influence - (small – mini) in the 3rd house.


Speaking of cars, let me remind you that the famous Ford – T was pronounced the most popular car of the 20th century. The man who produced that car, Henry Ford (30 July 1863, 7:00 a.m. LMT, 83W10, 42N19) has Mercury (car) at the 2nd degree of Leo! Of all the 2nd degrees of the signs, the 2nd degree of Leo (power) has the strongest influence.



Antoine de Saint-Exupery, writer and pilot (29 June 1900, 9:00 AM, LMT, 4E51, 45N45), as well as the author of the cult book The Little Prince the best-sold book alongside the Bible and Marx’s Capital, has Mercury (a book) at the 2nd degree of Leo! The position of Mercury in Leo also influenced the title of the book - the little (Mercury) prince (Mercury in Leo – prince). Mercury also trines Jupiter at the 2nd degree of Sagittarius, and his book was translated into more than 104 languages.



In 1917, Neptune (plots) occurred at the 2nd degree of Leo. The October Revolution took place in the same year as the greatest plot in the history of mankind (Neptune) in which one of the most powerful rulers (the 2nd degree of Leo) of that time – the Russian Emperor Nikolai II - was overthrown from power (Leo).



Another ruler, the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (29 May 1917, 15:05 p.m. EST + 5, 71W07, 42N19) was born in the same year and also removed from power by the large-scale conspiracy. His Neptune is at the 2nd degree of Leo, but in the 10th house; hence, by conspiracy (Neptune) he lost (Neptune) the power (10th house), but also his life, due to the powerful 8th house.


The person who took part in the conspiracy and assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald (18 October 1939, 21:55 p.m. CST + 6, 90W04, 29N57) has Pluto at the 2nd degree of Leo, so he was involved in the assassination (Pluto) of allegedly the most powerful man in the USA (the 2nd degree of Leo).



John Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline Kennedy (28 July 1929, 14:30 p.m. EDT + 5, 72W23, 40N53), naturally has the ruler of the 7th house (husband John), Venus, in her 8th house (death), explaining her husband’s death. Venus is in Gemini and Mercury, the ruler of Venus in Gemini, is at the 2nd degree of Leo, which means that her husband was killed at the time of his supreme power (the 2nd degree of Leo), i.e. when he became president.



The other wives of the US presidents also have active 2nd degree of a sign.
Eleonore Roosevelt (11 October 1884, 11:00 a.m. EST + 5, 73W57, 40N45), the wife of the US president Franklin Roosevelt, has the ruler of the 7th house (husband) at the 2nd degree of Libra, hence her husband was the president – the most powerful man (the 2nd degree).



Rosaline Carter (18 August 1927, 6:00 a.m. EST + 5, 84W22, 32N02), the wife of the US president Jimmy Carter, has the ruler of the 7th house (husband) Uranus, at the 2nd degree of Aries, hence her husband became (the 2nd degree) the most powerful man in the state – the president.



Talking about politics, let us have a look at the horoscope of the former French president, Francois Mitterrand (26 October 1916, 4:00 a.m. CET – 1, 00W10, 45N41) whose insatiable erotic appetite became well-known. Namely, a few years ago, a scandal broke in France after one of his staff published a book in which he described his special duties - every day to bring the president Mitterrand girls to fulfill his sexual desires. Mitterrand has the ruler of the 8th house (sex) Mars at the 2nd degree of Sagittarius. In addition, his Sun (power) is at the 2nd degree of Scorpio, hence he became the president of France.


Now, let us consider the horoscope of a person who had a strong desire to rule the world. It is Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889, 18:30 p.m. CET – 1, 13E02, 48N15). The cusp of his 10th house (authority, power) is at the 2nd degree of Leo, hence he wanted to have the supreme power (the 2nd degree of Leo), conquer the whole globe (the Sun, the ruler of the 10th house is in Taurus ruled by Earth not Venus which is only its co-ruler). In Eva Braun’s horoscope (6 February 1912, 5:30 a.m. CET – 1, 11E34, 48N08) her boyfriend – Hitler was described by her 5th house. She has Mars in her 5th house at the 2nd degree of Gemini, so her boyfriend was the most powerful (the 2nd degree) man (Mars) in the country.


Sam Giancana (24 May 1908, 6:05 a.m. CST + 6, 87W39, 41N51), the second most powerful criminal in the USA after Al Capone, had the Sun (power, authority) at the 2nd degree of Gemini. His Sun in the 12th house (crime) combined with Mars in Cancer (people) and the Moon at the 22nd degree (murderer) of Pisces caused the Chicago lake to be filled with corpses. There have been serious allegations about him as a man who played the key role in the murder of Marilyn Monroe and Robert and John Kennedy.



Regarding crime, it would be worth noting the horoscope of T. Keating (1 March 1917, 21:44 p.m. GMT 00W10, 51N30), one of the biggest art forgers of the 20th century. The owners of museums and galleries shudder on mentioning his name. The planet ruling all kinds of forgeries is certainly Neptune. In T. Keating’s horoscope it takes place at the 2nd degree of Leo, at the very cusp of the 10th house.


While we are still in the domain of arts, let us have a look at the horoscope of Sean Lennon (9 October 1975, 2:00 a.m. EDT + 5, 73W59, 40N46), the son of the famous Beatles member, John Lennon. In every horoscope the Sun symbolizes a father. His Sun is in Libra describing his father as an artist. However, that still does not tell us that his father was one of the greatest musicians and composers of the 20th century. This is shown by the position of Venus, the ruler of the Sun, at the 2nd degree of Virgo.



Yet another artist has the Moon at the 2nd degree of Pisces, and he painted the interior of the edifice (the Moon) of a religious type – the Sixtine Chapel. This was the famous Michelangelo (6 March 1475, 1:30 a.m. LMT, 11E59, 40N39). Due to the influence of his Moon at the 2nd degree of Pisces, that edifice became one of the most significant and the most frequently visited sacral objects.



In the horoscope of the most important person ever born in the last 2000 years - Jesus Christ (22 March 6 B.C., 5:24:56 LMT, 35E12, 31N42 - as it was discovered by one of our contributors – see Astrologus No. 9) Mercury (the book) is at the 2nd degree of Pisces. Thus, under the influence of Jesus Christ and his teaching the most widely read book in the age of Pisces was written – the Bible.

Placidus Houses

Jesus Christ


When we speak about Mercury, our citizen, Branislav Mojsilovic, the internationally acclaimed commercial artist whose works have been printed in all highly rated world catalogues (15 January 1951, 8:32 a.m. CET, Belgrade) has Mercury (drawing, line, poster) at the 2nd degree of Capricorn. Mercury does not only rule a line, a drawing, a book, but also sports plaid only by hands – basketball, for example.


Where do you think Mercury in the chart of all-time basketball player, Michael Jordan (17 February 1963, 10:20 a.m. EST + 5, 73W56, 40N38) takes place? Certainly you have already guessed that it occurs at the 2nd degree of Aquarius in the 10th house!


Do you think that the man who has the most powerful computer company in the world and is considered the richest man of our times, Bill Gates (28 October 1955, 9:02:11 p.m. PST + 8, 122W19, 47N36) has got an active 2nd degree of a sign? Certainly! His Uranus (computers) is at the 2nd degree of Leo; the cusp of his 2nd house (money, property) is at the same degree, so he is the richest (2nd degree) man in the world.


However, it is important to point out that the adverse planets at this degree may also produce the most severe disaster.


For example, in the horoscope of Nikola Sainovic (7 December 1948, 23:40 CET – 1, 22E06, 44N08), the South Node (losses) is at the 2nd degree of Scorpio (other people’s money). Thus, in the period when he was the Yugoslav Governor there was a galloping inflation – money rapidly devalued.


The man who gambled away 5 billion German Marks the bank’s money (Barings Bank) as a broker at the Singapore stock exchange, Nick Leeson (23 February 1967, 3:51 a.m. GMT, 00W10, 51N30), also has Mars at the 2nd degree of Scorpio, at the very cusp of the 10th house. Hence, he was recorded in history as a man who spent (Mars) a huge sum of somebody else’s money (the 2nd degree of Scorpio). For what it’s worth, a very good movie Rogue Trade was made about him.


A well-known hero from the Second World War Benedikt Lovric (21/06/1913, 00:58:19 AM CET – 1,15 E 58,43 N 32) was glorified during the war after having arrested Romel’s Generals at the African front. His great valor and war glory fascinated even General De Gaulle (22/11/1890, 11:54 AM GMT +00,03 E 04,50 N 38) with whom he cherished a warm life-long friendship – he was a best man at his wedding. B. Lovric was born under the Ascendant in Aries the ruler of which is Mars, placed in the first house of Taurus at its most powerful 2nd degree - the bravest (2nd degree) warrior (Mars).


Magellan (27/04/1480, 9:01 AM LMT +00,07 W 45, 41 N 18) was the first in the history of mankind to sail the world in a ship. His Neptune (sea, ship) is placed at the most powerful 2nd degree of Sagittarius (whole world, journeys to the far-off countries); his Neptune is the exact trine with Venus, ruler of the Taurus – the globe.


Undoubtedly, the best chess player of our time is Garry Kasparov (13 April 1963, 20:37, GMT+00, 49E51, 40N23). At the first glance at this chart one would think that this was a soldier who was after the general’s position – Aries being his sign, Mars - the ruler - in Leo (ranks, positions) in a wonderful trine to Jupiter in Aries (general’s position). But, nothing even close to it – he is “just” the world’s best chess player. However, these brilliant warlike aspects define his chess playing style – attack, attack, everything for an attack. “I’ll sacrifice a pawn, a chessman, to keep attacking and winning…”. Of course, Jupiter, the ruler of the Ascendant placed at the most powerful 2 degree of Aries brought him the supreme (2°) position in the hierarchy of chess players – the title of the world’s best chess player…


Some 20 years ago, a Slovenian politician stated: “We wouldn’t take from Belgrade anything but Dusko Radovic”. Of course, he had in mind one of the founders of Belgrade spirit, a famous writer for children and adults, Dusko Radovic (29 November 1922, 9:41 AM, CET, 21E54, 43N19). During the 70s, the citizens of Belgrade were pleased and honored to be bid good morning by his beautiful aphorisms read on Studio B radio station. As for me, I liked this one: “Beat your children as soon as you notice that they have started to resemble you…” His charming sulkiness corresponds to the Ascendant (image) in Capricorn and ruler Saturn in Libra (charming quality). Everything written by him will have a lasting value because his Mercury (everything we write, say) is at the most powerful 2 degree of Sagittarius.



Author: Nikola Stojanovic



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