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My research of the Zodiac degrees has shown that the 22nd degree of any of the Zodiac signs was often active with the assassins or the killed. Let us see what the practice says:



In the horoscope of India (1 January 1877, at midnight, LMT, 77E13, 28N40) there is the Moon (woman) in the 10th house (power, ruler) at the 22nd degree of Cancer. This means that a woman ruler (the Moon in the 10th house) will be assassinated (22°). And indeed, Indira Ghandi the Prime Minister of India was assassinated by the Sics who were her bodyguards.



The Japanese emperor Hirohito (29 April 1901, 20:10 JST, 139E4, 35N42) has the Moon (people) at the 22nd degree of Virgo square Uranus in Sagittarius, and Pluto in Gemini. This shows that his people (the Moon) were killed (sacrificed) by a bomb (Uranus) which caused mass destructions (Pluto – mass killings). In addition, the disposer of the Moon in Virgo, Mercury, also occurred at the 22nd degree (of Aries).




A brutal murder took place in Belgrade a few years ago. A woman, well-known Belgrade lawyer, was killed from the back with 22 (!) strokes of an axe in her husband’s apartment. She was born on 7 August 1951, 9:33 AM CET, 11E34, 48N08. Her 8th house, defining the way someone parts from this life, begins in Aries at the 28th degree (the degree of Cancer – house, home). The ruler of the 8th house is in Cancer at the 22nd degree (to kill, be killed). Her Mars square Neptune tells us that her murderer was a mentally disturbed person (Neptune).


Mars takes place in her 10th house, the fourth house being (the apartment) and the seventh house (husband), thus she was killed (Mars, the ruler of the 8th house at 22°) in her husband’s apartment.



Another brutal murder took place in Belgrade a few years ago. The granddaughter Natasa (10 October 1977, Belgrade, 11:30 AM CET), together with her friend, murdered her grandmother with over 100 knife stabs. Her Mars (knife) also occurred in her seventh house at the 22nd degree of Cancer (to kill, be killed). The first and seventh house describe grandmothers and grandfathers in a horoscope - Natasa murdered (the Mars at 22°) her grandmother (Mars at 22° of Cancer in her 7th house – grandmother). Mars rules her 4th house, so the murder took place in her apartment.



A brutal crime took place in the Serbian town of Jagodina also a few years ago. A girl named Jelena was raped, murdered and her body was burned in the attempt to destroy evidence. She was born on 23 January 1977 in Jagodina, 14:52 PM CET with the Cancer Ascendant; the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant (physical body) was at the 22nd degree of Pisces – to kill, be killed. The ruler of the 8th house (death) Uranus in the 5th house (love) in Scorpio (sex, death) tells us that she was raped; Pluto (destroy completely) in her 4th house (her corpse, grave) shows the destruction of her body; and the ruler of the 4th house (corpse) Mercury conjunction Mars (fire) explains that the destruction of the body took place by burning (Mars).



Samir Usanagic, an important Montenegrin State Security figure, was assassinated in the street. He was born on 4 March 1965 in the town of Cetinje, 23:30 PM CET. The cusp of his 8th house (death) begins at the 24th degree (Pisces – assassinations) of Gemini (street), and the ruler of that house, Mercury, is at the 22nd degree (to murder, be murdered) of Pisces (assassinations).



Ivan Stambolic, the former President of Serbia (born on 5 November 1936, 20E13, 43N35, at 15:11 PM CET, my rectification), was kidnapped and most presumably murdered. The position of the 12th house ruler in the first house usually symbolizes kidnappings, and the ruler of his 12th house, Uranus, is in his 1st house in Taurus (forest) - he was kidnapped in the Kosutnjak forest (Taurus – forest). The cusp of his 8th house (death) tells us that he was probably murdered. That house begins in Scorpio (a violent death) at the 22nd degree (to kill, be killed). Pluto, the ruler of that house is in his 5th house (child), so his daughter died first. That is also the house of sports, so he was killed while jogging.



The Nepalese king Birendra and numerous members of his family were murdered by his son and successor to the throne. He was born on 28 December 1945, 12:16 PM INT (-5:30) 85E19, 27N43 (my rectification). His 8th house also begins at the 22nd degree (to kill, be killed) of Scorpio (a violent death). Pluto, the ruler of his 8th house, is in his 5th house of Leo (the first child, successor). That position indicated the threat his son posed to him. The cusp of his 5th house (son, successor) begins at the 7th degree (Libra – marriage). The reason for the killing was his son’s marriage (7°). Pluto is in the 5th house of Leo at the 11th degree (Aquarius degree – the ruler Uranus – suicide) - his son committed suicide after the crime.


In addition, Saturn the ruler of the 10th house is in the 4th house at the 22nd degree of Cancer. All this means that during his reign (the 10th house) he will be murdered together with his family (the ruler of the 10th house, Saturn, in the 4th house – family, at 22nd degree – be murdered).



One of the biggest serial killers of modern times is the Englishman doctor Harold Shipman (14 January 1946, 22:00, GMT+00, 01W10, 52N58). It is believed that he killed 345 of his patients, mainly old people. His Mars, the ruler of his 8th house, is at the 22nd degree of Cancer conjunction Saturn (old people). Neptune, the ruler of his 6th house (patients), at the 8th degree

 of Libra (Scorpio degree – death) tells us about his patients’ death.


Harold Shipman


Jim Jones (13 May 1931, 22:00, CST+6, 84W56, 40N03), the religious leader of his sect, drove to death 800 of his followers in Guyana. The Sun the ruler of his 8th house (death), takes place at the 22nd degree of Taurus.



Genene Jones (13 July 1950, 1:03 AM, CST+6, 98W29, 29N25) was a nurse who spent all her years of service in the pediatric ward… killing children. One can only guess the number of her victims. Her Ascendant is at the 8th degree of Taurus (Scorpio degree – death, kill); Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, is at the degree of evil – the 18th degree of Gemini, and Mercury symbolizing children in astrology, is at the 22nd degree of Cancer.



The biggest Russian serial killer was Chikatilo (16 October 1936, 03:59 AM, BGT-3, 35E14, 50N18). It is assumed that he killed over 60 people, mainly children. His Sun occurs at the 22nd degree of Libra.



The owner of the Mama Mia restaurant (20 August 1960, 20:00, CET-1, 19E50, 43N52) has the cusp of his 6th house (those we render services to, customers) at the 22nd degree of Leo. As it is known, one of his customers (the cusp of the 6th house) – Badza, was killed (22°) in his restaurant.



One of the cruelest criminals was the American Albert Fish (19 May 1870, 2:34 AM, LMT+00, 77W02, 38N53). He had a habit of kidnapping people and taking them to a cellar of some deserted house, then giving vent to his low instincts in the most brutal way. Here is a part of his confession at the hearing: “… I took a boy to a deserted house, stripped him naked, tied his hands and feet, and burned all his clothes down. I left him tied up out there and went home. The next morning I brought my tools with me and, as soon as I came in, I started flogging him until blood ran down his legs.

Then, I cut off his ears and nose, I cut his mouth open from one ear to another, took his eyes out … and then he died.


After that, I thrust my knife into his stomach, pressed my lips against the wound and drank all his blood up…”. Continuing his account, he told how he prepared the flesh of his victims – he made a stew… His Moon occurs at the 22nd degree of Capricorn conjunction the South Node at the same degree.


On 29 July 2002, the news that we woke up with was that the divorced husband from the town of Leskovac killed his ex-wife and her relatives out of passion – seven people were killed and four seriously injured. Let us have a look at the horoscope of this mass murderer Dragan Cedic (18 August 1970, 11:08:37 AM, CET-1, 21E57, 43N00). One can see that he was:

- very revengeful,
- that he killed his wife and her relatives,
- that he first killed “the alleged boyfriend” of his ex wife,
- he was insane and at large (currently),
- that the police were afraid to chase him,
- that he kept his wife locked in the house while they were married
- that he was planning this crime for a long time and was talking about that (he made a list of victims).


Dragan Cedic



Dragan is very revengeful because he was born in the Ascendant of Scorpio and, in addition, the cusp of his Ascendant is at the 8th degree of Scorpio which conveys the symbolic of the 8th sign of Scorpio, and thus, the symbolic of Scorpio is overpronounced with him (the Ascendant of Scorpio, at 8°) – revenge, death, to kill.



Venus the ruler of his 7th house (wife) is in Libra (everyone says his wife was a beauty) but in conjunction with Uranus (divorce, what results in a divorce). Born under Leo and Ascending Scorpio - a combination of two fixed signs – it was difficult for him to accept any changes (the essential feature of fixed signs). He did not accept the divorce and wanted his wife to come back to him – his Saturn (getting back to previous situation) is in the 7th house (marriage, wife) at the 22nd degree with the symbolic of Capricorn (getting back to previous situation). All altogether, this lands power to Saturn – he desperately wants his wife to come back to him. Unfortunately, the same degree also means - by my theory - to kill, be killed. As his wife resolutely refused to come back to him (Saturn in the 7th house – the wife says no) he made a decision to kill her (Saturn in the 7th house – the wife, at 22° - to kill) in revenge (the Ascendant of Scorpio at 8°). In addition, the cusp of his 8th house (to kill) begins at the 7th degree of Gemini, bearing the symbolic of the 7th sign of Libra – spouse.


Unfortunately, the ruler of the 7th house (to kill) also occurs at the 22nd degree of Virgo, and that degree, as we know now, designates – to kill, to be killed.


He plans things for a long time because his Sun (to plan) squares powerful Saturn (long) at the 22nd degree (Capricorn degree – long); he also talks about that and makes a list of his victims because the cusp of his 8th house (to kill) is in Gemini (to talk, to make lists).


He first killed (27 July 2002, 23:55, EET-2, 21E57, 43N00) his wife’s alleged boyfriend – Mercury, the ruler of his 8th house at 22nd degree of Virgo is in his 11th house, which is the 5th house (a boyfriend) counting from his 7th house (ex wife).


After that, he killed his ex wife (Saturn at 22° of Taurus in the 7th house). Then he also killed his wife’s next of kin. In his 10th house - the 4th house (the wife’s parents) counting from his 7th house – there is a powerful Mars (co-ruler of the Ascendant) square Saturn and Neptune (madness). Therefore, his aggression (Mars) was also aimed at his wife’s parents and relatives (the 10th house – the 4th house counting from the 7th house). Neptune in the 1st house square Mars (aggression, violence) indicates his madness telling us that he becomes aggressive (Mars) in the state of insanity (Neptune). The same Neptune (to escape, to cover up one’s tracks) in the 1st house (the first thing we do, action) tells us that he manages to escape. The police have been chasing him with a dose of fear because his Mars has adverse squares with Leo (police) indicating that he will be violent towards them, as well. They should certainly be very careful.



In the horoscope of a man, the position of the Moon primarily speaks about men-women relationship. His Moon is in Pisces sign (prison, slavery) and he kept his ex wife (22 February 1974, 7:10 AM, CET-1, 21E57, 43N00) locked in a house (the Moon in the 4th house – a house, home); she was allowed only to walk the street in front of their house…


Shortly before the book was ready for printing, I heard on the news that the police found his body 40 days after that tragic event. The autopsy confirmed that it was a suicide – Mercury, the ruler of his 8th house, conjunction the fixed star Denebola (suicide).  Unfortunately, the planets expressed themselves in the worst possible way – may such thing never happen again.

Author: Nikola Stojanovic

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