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During my research work on the Zodiac degrees I noticed that 5° of each Zodiac sign was the most erotic degree. The astrological chart that oriented me to that finding belongs to the legendary actress, sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe.

Using my discovery of the Zodiac degrees, I have been occupied, from time to time, with the rectification of astrological charts of the famous persons. I rejected immediately the astrological chart of Marilyn Monroe (1 June 1926, 118W14, 34N03, 9:30 AM, PST+8) with the Ascendant at 13° of Leo sign and the cusp of the 10th house at 6° of Taurus as incorrect. Why?


By that official time (9:30 AM) the Ascendant was at 13° of Leo sign, having all the features of Aries sign, symbolizing the fighting spirit, not giving oneself up to fate, and in Leo sign (life), struggle (13° - Aries – struggle) for life (Leo). However, Marilyn Monroe behaved quite contrary to that: she used to sleep for a long time, she began her day by drinking alcohol (champagne), she experienced psychic problems, i.e. emotional dejections, and she often went to psychiatrists… Besides, her grandmother was mad and tried to strangle Marilyn when she was a little child. One can say, normally, that is correct, because Marilyn has got Neptune in her 1st house. However, during my practice, I used to meet many people with Neptune in the first house, who were neither alcoholics nor drug addicts, religious fanatics and who were not visiting psychiatrists… So, in order to see all that in her horoscope, there must be yet another indicator which points out to her problems with alcohol and her psyche…


Marilyn Monroe


It was sufficient to sketch out a chart for 9 hours and 29 minutes to get the following picture: the Ascendant occurred at 12° of Leo sign, and just that degree bears the symbolic of the 12th Pisces sign, what along with Neptune in the first house has got much stronger effect on her life style: the grandmother who was mad (the Ascendant – the grandmother - 12° - Pisces – madness), tried to strangle her (12° - Pisces – to strangle). If the 12th house is the house of a dream, sleeping, then the cusp of the 12th house indicates the beginning of sleeping, when we are falling asleep, and the cusp of the 1st house describes waking up, getting into a new day. As she was beginning her day with alcohol, the cusp of the 1st house (action, reaction, the first step, what we do first), must begin at 12° (Pisces – Neptune – alcohol), and not at 13° (struggle, activity, labor, diligence …). The Ascendant at 12° also indicates the psychic problems and visiting a psychiatrist…


By shifting the Ascendant from 13° to 12° the cusps of all the other houses are shifted, and so we reach the cusp of the 10th house at 5° of Taurus sign.


The tenth house describes one’s greatest success, by something one will be remembered (and not the 4th house, as it is written in some books), and as Marilyn Monroe was considered the most erotic woman of the 20th century, I began to conduct research on 5° of any sign. I started from a hypothesis that, although Marilyn had Lilit at the very Ascendant (unrestrained eros, charm), Mars in the 8th house, the ruler of the 8th house in the 1st house, Venus, trine, Neptune, it must be something what has to add to the title of the most erotic woman of the planet Earth in the 20th century – and that is the cusp of the 10th house at 5° of Taurus sign.



Let’s have a look at who else of the erotic symbols and myths has got the active 5° of any sign.



Jane Mansfield (19 April 1933, 9:11 AM, EST+5, 75W20, 40N04), the actress supposed to replace Marilyn Monroe, as a sex symbol, has got the Ascendant at 5° of Cancer sign. Cancer rules over the breast, and therefore, her “ace-card” was her breast…



The magnificent Marlene Dietrich (27 December 1901, 21:15, CET-1, 13E22, 52N28) whose appearance in the film “The Blue Angel” also provoked sighs of the male audience all over the world, has got the Sun at 5° of Capricorn sign.



The platinum blond beauty Jean Harlow (3 March 1911, 19:40, CST+6, 94W34, 39N05), who was also a sex symbol, has got Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, at 5° of Aries sign.



Mata Hari (7 August 1876, 13:00, LMT, 05E46, 53N12), has got Neptune (charm, espionage) in her 6th house (job, clothes) at 5° of Taurus sign. Her name has been recorded in history as a synonym of espionage and charm. She wrote to her friend in despair: “My husband doesn’t buy me new dresses, out of fear I’ll be too pretty …”. One can, for sure, see the effect of Neptune at 5° (the most erotic) in her 6th house (clothes). With Neptune (dance) in the 6th house she became a dancer of the exotic dances (the Moon in Pisces sign). The reaction of the audience was such that her dance show with striptease ended “with frenetic applause, the audience simply got crazy of excitement…”



Jovanka Broz (7 December 1924, 15:51, CET-1, 15E42, 44N44), former spouse of the ex-president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito (28 April 1893, 10:15 AM, CET-1, Vienna, 16E20, 48N13), was, in the opinion of many people, very pretty and beautiful woman. Mercury, the ruler of her Ascendant, occurs at the 8th house at 5° of Capricorn sign.



Tracy Lords (7 May 1968, 17:19, EDT+4, 80W38, 40N22), the famous star of porno movies, in the mid 80-ies, whose appearance drastically increased watching of porno movies, has got Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, but also of the 8th house (sex), at 5° of Taurus sign.


Placidus Houses

Tracy Lords

The magnificent Greta Garbo (18 September 1905, 19:31, CET-1, 18E03, 59N20), the famous star of the silent film, whose appearance on the large screen of any cinema used to provoke loud sighs of the male audience – had got the Ascendant (appearance, image) at 5° of Gemini sign.



Dorothy Stratten (28 February 1960, 22:58, PST+8, 123W07, 49N16), famous for her photos on double-fold page of the “Playboy” magazine, was pronounced the most sex appeal woman whose photos have ever appeared in this magazine, has got the Ascendant at 5° of Scorpio sign, as well as the Lilit at 5° of Cancer sign.



Sophia Loren (20 September 1934, 14:10, CET-1, 12E29, 41N54), has got the Ascendant at 5° of Capricorn sign, and as she was getting older, she was becoming more attractive, to be, in her late 40-ies, proclaimed one of the most beautiful women of the world.



Farrah Fawcett (2 February 1947, 15:10, CST+6, 97W23, 27N48), the famous pin-up beauty of the 80-ies whose posters used to be sold like “hot cakes”, has got the Ascendant at 5° of Cancer sign.

One will ask: … “And what about men”? The story is absolutely the same, that degree also has an effect on men.



Sean Connery (25 August 1930, 18:04, GMD-1, 03W13, 55N57), the man all the women of this planet sigh for, has got the Ascendant at 5° of Capricorn sign, and Saturn, the ruler of the Ascendant as well, at the same degree (5° of Capricorn). There is no wonder the women say for him “… he is more handsome and more desirable as he is getting older…”.




Mick Jagger (26 July 1943, 4:35 AM, GMT, 00E12, 51N27), the famous rock star, but also the sex symbol, has got the Ascendant at 5° of Leo sign.



Pablo Picasso (25 October 1881, 23:15, LMT+00, Malaga, 04W25, 36N43), was a great painter, but also a great admirer of women. His Ascendant at 5° of Leo sign tells us why the women liked him so much.




And how does this degree manifest itself in horoscopes of the common people, who are neither movie nor other stars? On one of these days, a pretty woman who has got Venus in the 6th house at 5° of Taurus sign paid me a visit. She said: “All the girls, my colleagues I work with, are pretty, but all the men start flirting with me wherever I appear…”.


A client of mine (23 May 1964, 18:20, CET-1, 20E30, 44N50), has got the cusp of the 6th house (at work, work uniform, colleagues from her work place) at 5° of Taurus sign. She said: “Since the moment I found a job (the cusp of the 6th house – work) in the YAT, checking air tickets, all the men behaved like being crazy about me. Many passengers were courting me. I have even experienced that a group of Arabs sang me a love song of theirs… Everybody tells me I look very sexy (the cusp of the 6th house – work uniform, at 5° of Taurus sign) in the uniform (the cusp of the 6th house …)”.



Well, we can say without hesitation that 5° of any sign signifies the most erotic persons living on this planet.


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